But Really!

But really!


Maybe I am not the best person to ask this question, because my great, great, great …… grandfather was from present day Eastern Congo, but the Constitution of our great nation declares me a Ugandan many times over (by birth and descent) so it is as a Ugandan that I ask this?


Why are we the ones who take in other countries’ problem citizens fwaa?


The other day Tanzania evicted cattle keeping immigrants of Rwandese origin and they all flocked to UG. Some of them had been in Karagwe before the union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar produced Tanzania. So, why did they come here? Why didn’t they go to Rwanda? Or Burundi for that matter? And why are there stories that some of these evictees hold Ugandan voter’s cards?


Now Israel is kicking out Sudanese and Eritreans (while still taking in whites from western and eastern Europe) and they are coming to UG. Why? If you Jews know where your unwanted migrants come from, why would you want to bring them here? And, after what your forefathers went through at the hands of the Nazis and other bigots/racists, why would you terrorise a (dark skinned) minority who are in your country to escape political/economic persecution and/or give their children a shot at a decent life.


And who in GoU has sanctioned this arrangement?


Is it not enough that we already host the Somali, S.Sudanese, Congolese, Rwandese, Kenyans and Zimbabweans (white & black)? The Kenyans were really nasty to us when we ran there to escape Amin but when Mzee Kibaki stole the election, guess what, we gave their runaways land in Masindi to settle. The S.Sudanese treat Kampala like Little Juba but you go and try to run a ka-business in Juba and see, ever to harass you! The Congolese are stealing our land around Lake Albert and in West Nile but guess who’s killing and eating baboons on Mzee’s farm in Hoima, Congolese refugees! Bazungu are buying up land along the Nile in Jinja – wonder if any Ugandans own land along the Thames, the Seine or the Danube – whilst their governments in Europe aggressively go after immigrants, legal and illegal.


Owaaye Mr. President, when you’re busy settling house eviction wrangles of private citizens, who is looking out for UG’s interests here? You for you, you have your land … If you wanted to ringfence political posts in Bunyoro for the indigenous people to protect them from the Bafuruki, why don’t you also protect the land my children will inherit/buy, from non-Ugandans?

There is a place for foreigners who come here to study, work, do business, marry, retire … and I know and love many such people but … large scale mass importation of people … in the same year that we’re giving out Nationals IDs … 3 years before a national election … in a country known for selling its passports to the highest bidder … way too much room for error.

Ffe tufunilamu wa?

But Really!

Replies, if you please

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