Banange! Mutugambire ku ba Editor wa Sunday Vision!

A week ago I wrote about shoddy editing in the Sunday Extra and was roundly assured (by both Vision & Monitor people) that these things happen and sometimes things slip through the cracks. Well, what do I know? I’ve never worked on a newspaper. But I do know that this Sunday I woke at 6:36 am to prepare for church and was so excited at the thought that much later on I would be holding a perfectly edited copy of the Sunday Vision that in my haste, I put aside 3k for … not one but two … newspapers – in the chest pocket of my shirt – before I even put aside money for the offertory.

It was only when we were in church and singing the hymn that comes before the reading that I opened the Bible and found 10k, which my beautiful and organised wife then whispered she had slipped into my Bible as offertory, that I remembered I hadn’t carried church money, and yet there in my shirt pocket … looking at me accusingly whenever I glanced down at the hymnal … was 3k for newspapers.

Just as well that today’s reading was from Ephesians 5, v.22 to v.33 … instructing women to submit to & respect their husbands …

 So imagine how I felt when I finally got home, lovingly took the staple out of the Sunday Vision and quickly scanned through, mentally deciding which articles to read now and which ones to read later when TV gets boring, and which ones to read tonight while beautiful organised Wife does her online jigsaw puzzles, only to land upon the following gems, reproduced here word for word.

Gem No. 1; Pg 4, Man killed over waragi sacket, by Innocent Anguyo

As they say, a fish starts rotting from the head.

Gem No. 2; Pg 5, Thousands grace Kabaka’s Birthday, by Moses Mulondo

Para 2, “High profile people ranging from religious leaders, Buganda MPs, the Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and lands minister Aidah Nataba graced the occasion. Besigye, Beti Kamya and Ken Lukyamuzi also attended.”

Besigye?! Besigye?! BESIGYE?! What is this? When did Dr. Kizza Besigye attain one name iconic status ala Madonna, Bono, Cher, Sting, Prince, Beyonce etc? Come to think of it, which ‘high profile person’ do you refer to like that fwaaa?

Gem No. 3; Still Pg 5, Thousands grace Kabaka’s Birthday, by Moses Mulondo

Para 4, “The Kabaka later gave special recognition to local artistes Mathias Walukagga for composing songs which depict the plight of Ugandans and Noerine Kaleeba for her outstanding efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS.”

Obwedda? Mukyala Kaleeba, co-founder of TASO and UNAIDS programme development advisor, has been moonlighting as a local artiste?! At least she was singing songs about her outstanding efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Well done Ms. Kaleeba!

Anyway on behalf of my Jajja Namusoke, and on my own personal behalf (as you Ugandans like to say), I would like to wish The Kabaka a Happy Birthday! Wangala ayi Ssabasajja ne Nabagereka agelekele Obuganda ayigilize ne Mulondo spelling ne grammar!

Gem No. 4; Pg 51, By P.5, Sekyanzi was paying his own fees, by John Semakula & Henry Nsubuga

Para 8, “When he joined S.1 at Mukono High School, he discovered that photography payed even better, especially among the students”.

2 writers, 2 Subeditors, 1 Chief Subeditor and, I’m assuming, a Features editor before the paper goes to print and y’all publish that?

Is it just me? Am I expecting too much just because I payed for the paper? Should I just chill my lugezigezi? Namwe aba New Vision mubeleko fair!

And now, once again, for the tagline;

The Vision Group. National Pride·Global Excellence

Banange! Mutugambire ku ba Editor wa Sunday Vision!

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