Coming to break you off.

00:04 am
(Listening to Curtis Jackson & Marshall Mathers warning me not to push them)

A guy I haven’t spoken to in a year just wrote me asking what’s up with my ex-girlfriend’s christian endtime rants on the internet. His words, not mine.

So, like K’Naan, I just took a minute to let it ride and after taking another minute to let it breeze, I realized that it is kinda true. Chick done gone and pulled a John Hagee. Which if you know said woman is kinda like expecting Comrade Bob to invite Tsvangirai to tea and scones.

But, that ain’t even the crazy part. Check this out, I did the stroll down memory boulevard … and all the women I have dated, liked, been in like with, been with and generally fooled around with in the last five or six years have, in varying degrees, found God, morality and religion.

Like, what’s up with that? What is it about dating and leaving my ass that turns women (Ugandan & non-Ugandan) into fervent praise & worship leaders or lay preachers or home cell hosts or gets them to recommit their lives to Christ?


Methinks my swagg is so damn fine it puts the fear of the Almighty into a woman.

That’s my story and you bet your KJV I’m sticking with it.

Peace & Love.

Coming to break you off.

3 thoughts on “Coming to break you off.

  1. petesmama says:

    Lol! People are always asking God what their calling is – perhaps you have just figured out yours. To ‘minister’ unto chicks very personally…


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