Update on Rehema


I’ve just been chatting with Rehema’s caretaker; y’all might recall that last week they were in Mpererwe, at the Katalemwa Cheshire Home for children with difficulties. The Docters that examined her recommended that she travel to the CURE Children’s hospital in Mbale for admission/further tests/examinations and surgery. They’re experts that way. Here’s the thing though, she’s back in Jinja because well, there’s no money to take them to Mbale and keep them fed and whatnot out there. So, please with flowers on top, reach down into your wallets/bras/back pockets/purses/cheque books/cookie jar/pombe allowance/petty cash and fish out a rabbit for this beautiful young lady.

May your giving be inspired.


Update on Rehema

Replies, if you please

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