Every So Often …

Every so often we come across something or someone that reminds us how our perceived issues and desires and problems are nothing more than … mere drops in the ocean of life.

I had one of those moments this morning when I opened The New Vision and found this;

Yes, my electricity bill is way past due and my TV don’t work and I need a new phone and I’m in hiding from a few creditors and my bank balance is in the red and I don’t have a presentation for fellowship this evening and celibacy sucks and I owe y’all an apology for going AWOL but damn, I do not want to be in the shoes of this young lady! (If i bungled up the link, please find the story on page 16 of today’s New Vision – April 15, 2010).

I grew up in Jinja; it is one and a half hours from Kampala, 90 minutes away. 90 minutes from where i’m going to spend this evening gorging myself on bottomless coffee and Black Forest, a 16 year old girl needs at least Ushs 2 Million to fix her urinary bladder so that she can stop walking round with a catheter and smelling of susu all the time and her classmates will hopefully then stop keeping their distance from her. on second thoughts, maybe I won’t have the Black Forest, maybe I should take that Ushs 7000 and – I don’t know – stick it in an empty salt shaker for Rehema. That’s her name, Rehema Kutesa. One of my favourite Aunts is called Rehema, one of my hottest friends is a Kutesa (with 2 e’s I think).

Banange, I want to – scratch that – need to do something for Rehema. How hard can it be to raise money (y’all saw that coming didn’t you) so this young girl can smell like young girls are supposed to smell … soap, water, baby powder, samona, movit etc … and finish Primary 4 and go on to Primary 5 and – maybe even Primary 6 – and dare I dream it, finish Primary School? How hard can it be to fix up Rehema so that maybe a young boy who just bought his first bicycle (in Jinja you’ve arrived when you buy a bicycle, not a BMX or Mountain bike but, a bicycle) can ride up to her and tell her, “eii muna, ida nkutwale kku gyojja”, and then she’ll smile shyly and maybe reply, “sshya, twale ele, nze tyenda kuntabulatabula!”, and then he’ll buy her a chinese made hankie and some Copper Girl and then maybe she’ll accept the gifts and then maybe he’ll start giving her rides on his Hero bicycle with the padded passenger seat with the tassels round the seat cushion and … who knows?

How hard can it be to put a colgate smile on a 16 year old’s face?
Does anyone empathise with Rehema? Does anyone feel like doing something, anything?


Every So Often …

13 thoughts on “Every So Often …

  1. Bridget,

    may I please answer that qn after I’ve found out what sort of financial arrangements have been made viz financial contributions? Im sure there’s a bank A/C somewhere with Rehema’s name on it.


  2. You know, Deg, in spite of having heard about this for two days now, I’ve not quite understood Rehema’s state very well as yet. I’m running on low brains, I think.
    Great post, though. 🙂


  3. @27,

    well, that makes two of us.I don’t quite know the full story but I know enough to want to do sumthin about her situation.

    I had a chat with Phoebe Kwagala who works for an NGO that first brought Rehema’s plight to light (I like that, plight to light) and she told me they’ll have a Bank A/C opened next Monday. She’ll call with the details when ’tis done.


  4. I’ll be rolling into Kampala in about a week, and I’d planned to treat a friend to lunch at Chicken tonite in Wandegeya while I was there. How about I give that a skip and contribute the 10k I would have spent to this girl’s plight?

    But first, I’ll need details on how to contribute.


  5. Finally!!!

    As i type, Rehema is waiting in line at a clinic in Mpererwe to be examined by a team of visiting consultants from the CURE Children’s hospital in Mbale.

    Her caretaker, Phoeba Kwagala, informs me that b’se Rehema is 16, she can’t have her own A/C … so one has been opoened for her, details hereunder,

    Bank: Barclays Bank Jinja Branch
    A/C Name: Phoebe Kwagala Monica (in favour of Rehema Kutesa)
    A/C No: 6002326548

    Thank y’all, people!


  6. cricket says:

    Somehow when following a Link i came across yr article. God bless wordpress! For starters i think yr writing is just excellent! is it a hobby or career? i have almost read 3 of yr blog articles and it’s obvious the writer is humorous, intelligent and expressive. i do want to contribute to Rehema’s cause – am sure it’s not too late, so thanx for the account details and the compelling write up.



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