The AJ Chronicles

Monday October 5, 2009
8:19 am

Every weekend i go home to visit my nephew AJ.
he’s 4 years, 2 months and 1 day old now.
last weekend was no exception and this time i took him the PS2 LOTR as i continue my quest to turn him into a red meat eating, belching, nail biting man and not the sissy that hanging around his mum and her legion of female friends will surely turn him into.

i was mighty pleased to hear that a few days ago, upon being woken for his morning bath before breakfast, he told his mum that he would be bathing himself. that made me proud, my little man is manning up. then his mother continued the story …

…mbu he went into the bathroom and much splashing and piddling and pissing about followed. then there was a longish silence and just when his mother started to think that maybe the chap had drowned himself in his paddling pool sized basin, the bathroom door slowly creaked open and there he stood in his naked glistening glory with his eyes the size of gundi’s nipples and one of his hands on his butt cheek … then he whispered, in a stage whisper – boy gat drama – “Mummy, there’s a katuli in my bum-bum!”

Ko his mother, “wait for Auntie Chantal to come back from England and she tells you what that katuli is for!”

I died.

Peace & Love,

The AJ Chronicles

10 thoughts on “The AJ Chronicles

  1. The 27th Comrade says:

    The silence, in my opinion, is more-common than a cry of “Eureka!”
    And then the kid comes out of wherever and lauches a weird question. 🙂 Just like AJ.

    Now Chantal should give a fitting lecture.


  2. walkonby says:

    tee hee hee, haa haa haa, somebody hold me, all this jerking from so much laughter might get me a concussion or something as painful


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