Me I want Michael Jackson!

Monday July 20, 2009

Tonight I arrived home to the enthusiastic hugs of my little, well not quite so little, 4 year old nephew. There I was thinking he was really happy to see me kumbe where! He had his own agenda! The minute I put down my rucksack he announced rather conspicuously – in his mother’s hearing – that him he wanted “Billy”, who? ‘Billy”, “Billy who?” “…uncle, me I want Billy of Michael Jackson!” aah… Beat It! Yes Uncle you dimwit I would like you to play for me Beat It on the computer! Umph, Jordan, its not a computer, it’s a MacBook …whatever old man…play the song already!

So I dutifully unpacked the Mac and played Beat It…then he wanted Dangerous… then he wanted “For Pe” that one just jammed! We went through the entire Off The Wall and Greatest Hits albums before he decided that “For Pe” was infact “Heal the World”. Now he’s here bullying me nti its not the one… infact he wanted “Smooth Criminal”… I’ve haha’d! when did pre-schoolers start knowing their Michael Jackson from their teletubbies? Dude has jammed to put on his jammies and go to bed! Does he like know MJ is …in the thug mansion with ‘Pac, Biggy, Elvis, Luther & P-Tech?

Me I want Michael Jackson!

12 thoughts on “Me I want Michael Jackson!

  1. Ashy says:

    lol lol. ‘For Pe’?!

    And id say it is a computer – it manipulates data. He is clever enough not to call it a PC – that would be unforgivebale!


  2. The Em,

    kale i admit!!! u forced me!!! i have a Mac. what about?

    hw does a 3.75 year old know MJ? these bu modern pre-schools where they have girlfriends n naughty corners n stuff


  3. Heaven,

    Jordan even has a special chair for naughty corner!

    check this out. Me; “…Jordan, stop changing the Tv channels!” Him; “Ok Uncle, i go to naughty corner then i be a good boy?”

    meanwhile his fav video is the Mowzey|Weasel joint “Bread & Butter”


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