Michael Joseph Jackson

August 29, 1958 – June 26, 2009


May you in death find the childhood joy that eluded you in life.
For childhood as i know it is officially over.



7 thoughts on “Agenze!!!

  1. 27th,
    every revolutionary worth their salt needs a good dose of exile!
    it worked for Che, Fidel, Madiba, Mao, Karzai, Comrade Bob and Prachanda, wldnt u agree?

    Oui mon ami,i’m back for good!!!


  2. i know how you feel deg.
    going off to find that moonwalker tape and relive smooth criminal.
    damn! dude is really dead. can you imagine, generations of kids are going to be born who will never trully appreciate Michael Jackson aoww! who’s bad!


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