some nigga shot Ox’s ass!
i cant believe this shit! someone went n bust a cap up in the brotha’s ass, well actually in his thigh bone. n i just found out 2day! people, this is the craziest shit ever! first Paul died then Henry almost died now Ox got his ass shot! why do people around me be getting bad karma? yeah, i had to go n make this about me…he’s in Mulago btw, ward 6C, room 20. if u go, take him some magazines, preferably with lotsa pix n cars n stuff.

damn. Ox used to protect my ass back in the day when i was much smaller n a lot prettier coz SMACk had some … weird … people walking about. i’m getting all misty eyed now but i gotta walk coz i’m using this laptop to watch movies n i’m gonna watch sumthin violent now – working thru my grief u see – so, plz go visit Ox.



13 thoughts on “Ox.

  1. jasmine says:

    still can’t wrap my mind around how you get shot for only a phone and 100k. a bullet for only that? and they didn’t even take the car? have we descended into the thuggery of nairobi?


  2. joshan says:

    no we are upgrading from the killings, apparently they were easily caught when they killed so wounding is the new trait.
    unless someone just hated the guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. yeah, 27. the guy who plays basketball. and the story is really strange, let’s face it. guys where i work have been debating it; some saying it was a hit and others mbu a random robbery.


  4. Cheri says:

    Bambi Ox…I talked to him in hospital and he was full of life. Considering he’d just gone thru that…

    I feel for Helena and Kemisto…


  5. jasmine says:

    came here to just read and be silent for a while.
    My prayers are with you his friends, and his dear family.
    May His Soul rest in Eternal Peace.
    May Justice prevail.


  6. Miss Cheri says:

    Man, tghis is too bad…this shd be apost humous post now.

    I pray for his girlfriend and mother of his daughter. I also pray for Helena.

    May his soul RIP.


  7. Karamagi Michael says:

    Its so sad Ox is gone man,nigga was always smiling,never seen him pissed back in the day in SMACK its a shitty world ut there man, May the angels sail him through to peace n eternal happiness, pray for his family as well, May the almighty keep them strong during such a time of grief and pain.

    May his soul R.I.P.


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