i’m moving back home!

n.b. plz click on the picture to get the fullsize image. the pc i am using doesnt have software that wld enable me edit the pix before i post them. thank you. cheers

reason no. 5; mama delick?!!


reason no. 4; we have so much tarmac we can even afford to extend it into no-man’s land at our border with u guys


reason no. 3; when my Prez’s friends steal votes they use the Courts of Law


reason no. 2; the women…mama mia si bellisima!


reason no. 1; mine is bigger dan urs


i’m moving back home!

7 thoughts on “i’m moving back home!

  1. Those hot chicks are relatives of yours? That doesn’t count dude. You have to go back because of hot women that have no inkling of relation to you. So that’s out. Tarmac? Who said we don’t have tarmac? Maybe we’re the ones who put it in the no-man’s land. And we also have big things. Moonberg anyone? Us we even have Mama Sulaiti. Beat that.
    Also, hot women galore. 😉


  2. Karamagi Michael says:

    lol…mama delick thats some funny s**t,but we also have ‘mama dye noku dying akaviri saloon uhuh!! u cd have a big one but where is the gold seal? uganda wa,see! how abt the fun frm teargas,can be a mess but its sure a good way of gettin to work late…u knw,lol nice post.


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