Gen. Ali

standing at the urinal, holding my dick, next to the Right Honourable Lieutenant General Moses Ali MP, while he wheezed, grunted and generally splashed his piddle everywhere but into the bowl of the pisser, i felt, almost equal, if not in bulk, in stature, to the hunk of ugandan history next to me. we both pay tuition, take passport size fotos for our library cards, line up for meal coupons at the canteen and have to write our own notes during lectures. now if only the person grunting on the throne behind the cubicle door, if only that was the Right Honourable Lieutenant General Jim Katugugu Muhwezi MP, then my day would be complete.

Gen. Ali

15 thoughts on “Gen. Ali

  1. tumwijuke says:

    Degstar, you are going to have to pay for the horrible mental image of Moses Ali going peepee in my mind. Damn you. I’ll be sending you my shrink’s bill.


  2. Are you crazy?

    That big dude is goino kill you men? For christ sake he is a soldier and a LT !!!!!

    Well, scary as it may be? Its the best story i have read this year…what a start to the year…

    You line up for food? Gosh!! how Education can equal matters…and how elevated you are ai can feel…


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