Eeh Banange

what went down yesterevening?
Did Sage show up?
Was some liqour poured out for DM?
What colour, n how uplifting, were the corsets worn by …er…gundi and …u know urself…?
What did i, and Cherie, miss?

Eeh Banange

14 thoughts on “Eeh Banange

  1. First…

    Tumwi was dazzling. She was dynamite! A lot shorter than you would expect, but completely and absolutely the life of the party.
    You missed.

    SAGE did show up, in fact. Now he has a british accent.

    And Rev ate all the Americans. Which is a pity, cos I never got to have a real conversation with Jackfruity.

    There was a Corvette in the parking lot. Suspicions that someone in it was watching us. With a sniper rifle.

    Dukesey and Lulu– electricity fired, but their smiles were radiant enough to light up the whole street.

    Ivan got into a fight with Countryboyi over the Dare For More bottletop. Got his ass handed to him, of course.


  2. ROTFLOLPIMP…Baz now i really want to attend a BHH..faster, faster! Imagine SAGE was there, i thought i’d find him busting a rhyme somewhere on oxford circus..nanti there are mob street pastors there!!

    Baz, baz..


  3. Baz clearly went for a different UBHH than the rest of us.

    First, it was moved from Mateos because of CHOGM. Then it turned out that 27 is actually woman (but we knew that all along). He was so convincing in a skirt, all the Americans defected to Cuba dressed in drag.

    Baz and Ivan got into a fight over who knows Big Brother better than whom and Duksey, Lulu and Deedee died of asphyxiation because of the corsets.

    The only accurate thing is the corvette and the spying. That was me.


  4. Tumwi, it was Iwaya, Magoo and I in the Corvette parked across the street.

    Saw Ivan and CB fight or the Pepsi “Premio” kachokolo. No prizes for guessin who won the fiht and was thanked for participating then told to Dare for more!!!! Ha.


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