Who Dares Wins!

Who Dares Wins.

The phrase above is the slogan/mantra/creed of the Special Air Services, better known as the SAS; the Black Mambas if you will, of Her Majesty’s realm, comprising the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland (Qn; do they still refer to it like that?). Of course comparing the SAS and the Black Mambas (more precisely known as the Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force, JATT – again, please someone correct me if I am wrong) is like comparing Charles Mbire and David Katumwa. One is big, the other is …well he is the personification of the term “colossal”.

Those Black Mamba chaps may look awesome running around defenceless judges’ chambers (whose whereabouts during the “liberation” struggle were unknown) in their black Tee-shirts and holding Uzis but they aint got diddly squat on the SAS. And life generally bears out the self same distinctions. Some of us are LDUs, others Uganda Police, Military Police, PGB, Black Mambas, SAS, Rangers, Green Berets, Shin Bet, MI5, GSU, NSA, CTU, like that. Which one are you?

I’ve got a friend, friend being the operative term really. She’s smart bulungi, otherwise she wouldn’t be my friend, and very creative. Like me, she comes up with brilliant ideas all the time. Again, like me, most, not all, most of those ideas end up on the mental back shelf because we are both procrastinators par excellence. Me my problem is I’m not very patient, I want and I want it yesterday.
Yeah I know, I’m still a lazy bastard, so sue me.

Anyway, y’all know we be as if owning a boutique in upscale Ntinda. In the months since we opened it we’ve had discussions about bringing on partners, in the running not the ownership, to mitigate our exposure to risk and maximize our collective returns on investment. Most people have talked the talk and stopped just short of putting leather to tarmac. My friend in particular, went almost all the way. But as us secondary virgins know, “almost” is not quite the same as “been there, done that, bought the Tee-shirt, wrote the book”, is it?

So my friend wanted in, and as life goes, things are never quite as rosy as you want them to be when you need them to be rosy. Like, you want to buy a new phone and you’ve saved up your colour and stuff then the weekend before you go get the phone, your …(insert catastrophe here)… happens and you need to spend 100k of the money and yet if you don’t get the phone next week you’ll lose it because Meddie the dealer is tired of holding it for you and yet you need, nay, must have this phone so you do the next best thing, you make a sacrifice. And you get your phone. Oh btw, I also extend short term financial solutions to people in need. 20% only.

My friend who wanted in, well, she was in just such a position. Make a sacrifice and get started on the road to financial Damascus or, shiver my timbers, not make a sacrifice and stay in the ranks of the LDU, Uganda Police, CMI, those ones. She opted to not take the risk that is inherent in any business decision. I was, to put it mildly, disappointed. Not because she sat down with me and said she didn’t believe in what we’ve set out to achieve here or she didn’t have the money to put where her mouth was or any reason based on sound fact and logic but because …wait for it… “People say that Mutasa Kafeero Plaza is a better location…”

You don’t say!

So again I pose the question. Black Mambas and the SAS, which one are you?

Who Dares Wins!

5 thoughts on “Who Dares Wins!

  1. `… we’ve had discussions about bringing on partners, in the running not the ownership, to mitigate our exposure to risk and maximize our collective returns on investment.’

    You sounded like the most-business-ish businessman there. I swear.

    Meanwhile, this is inspirational for I and I, as I get started on this kind of journey:
    `… take the risk that is inherent in any business decision.’

    Well. Our good ol’ Deg. Degstyle. You hit once in a moon, and hit big. 🙂


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