17:31 pm EAT
Monday June 4, 2007

As I speak, nay write, an autograph from the greatest man him-u-self, Sir Richard Branson, is currently on the Mombasa Highway on its way to Jomo Kenyattaa where it will board the evening Kenya Airways flight to Entebbe and thereafter will be delivered to me personally at the start of the working day tomorrow.

To say I am chuffed is to put it mildly; t’would be like saying that Uganda was pleased with the outcome of the Uganda Cranes vs. Super Eagles game the other day. Now that was a match munonga. I am not merely excited, I am so beside myself that I am afraid I will go off and do something really … Bransonesque … like attempt to glide from the top of the building that houses the boutique – which I was informed is actually a fashion house – using only the dressing room curtain.

I’m so excited that I’m posting again.

In other news, my first and oldest client will be returning to Kampala, Ug tonight after being one of only 2 Ugandans invited to attend the launch ceremony of Virgin Atlantic in Nairobi. We’ll be launching her newest travel product later this week. Anyone wanna fly down to Mozambique for Christmas? Call me, I got the hook up.


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  1. Fujitsu says:

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Alright, is it superman? Richard Branson is sending you a miniature airplane with the Virgin Atlantic logo on the side? How positively…nice.
    Help me out here man!

    Now regarding the Mozambique progee, I am officially calling now and I want two tickets. May they be cheap; preferably free with hotel prices included. And safari tours. And massages by shirtless Swedish hunks. And non-alchoholic (ahem!) pina coladas at sunset on the beach. And shopping, with an expense account courtesy of Virgin Atlantic. You better stop me now…


  2. Fuji,
    u r such a chick, aintcha?
    mbu swedish hunks!
    if i was gonna get a massage from a man, t’would have to b a tall, shortdreadlocked 6 pack flaunting jamaican called marcus …

    richard autographed my 2 copies of his bio, with my and my bro’s names to boot, and a ka personal word of encouragement. he is so cool dat richard.

    start saving 4 mocambique, as true aficionados would say it, coz child, we r so going!


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