The Location

Someone plz instruct me in the byzantine art of posting a picture in this here WordPress thingmajig. i’m chewing my cuticles in frustration here!

The Location

6 thoughts on “The Location

  1. Deg, as u compose the post in the other window…..down below the “write post” box, there are those bu things about “up load” picture. Those ones that say something about jpeg and some like that. U up load from there.

    Shit…I will never make it as a teacher in my next life. It’s so hard. It’d be easier to teach u face to face and face to PC…. So I guess it’s date then.


  2. 27, meet Uncle Degstar. He is the one I told you about. Very strict. So don’t be naughty…

    Wait. I can’t tease you about being the newbie anymore, do I?

    Deg, what I do when this thing is being daft is I upload the picture to flikr and then link.


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