Little House on The Hill

Saturday June 30, 2007

The cast.
Big Sister
Littlest Sister
Middle Brother
Reformed Cousin
Mother of my Mother
Most Illustrious Nephew
Bob the Builder & His Sidekick
Nanny of Most Illustrious Nephew

The Location.

The Plot.
To take that location and turn it into a home, starting July 1, 2007.

The Score.
“Green Green Grass of Home” – Tom Jones.

The Credits.
Myself; I bring you the story
Big Sister; mother of Nephew, businesswoman, ex-model
Littlest Sister; favourite sister, law student, Mchaka Mchaka cadre
Middle Brother; hustler, Design Consultant, IT student
Reformed Cousin; adult student, ex-Comrade in Crime, ex-PGB
Mother of my Mother; eccentric old bag
Most Illustrious Nephew; spoilt manipulative angel, sweet as toffee
Bob the Builder & His Sidekick; surly, disheveled,
Nanny of Most Illustrious Nephew: shy, hard worker, has crush on Reformed Cousin

The Preview.
Tired of paying rent and enriching someone else, we resolved to start building at the beginning of the year. Having given notice, when Saturday June 30, 2007 came round, we made ready to move into our home. Join us as we take you on the journey of a lifetime into the trials and tribulations of turning this house into a home and the amazing truths, secrets and quirks that we discover about ourselves on the way. See you on the other side.

Little House on The Hill

7 thoughts on “Little House on The Hill

  1. so the degman had not kicked afterall, eeh? welcome back, mister. and this little house on the hill could be…let me send my boys out first, will return with something worth a penny 2 say.


  2. Baz….Mimi kama wewe!

    Deg: U missed one of the Credits. Perhaps the most Important credit. The one, the only. The Lime Green gate. Ask Mother of Illustrious nephew, she knows it…


  3. Fujitsu says:

    Been reading your old blog posts. Fantastic writing, nice to see that you are not dead after all. I can’t for the first real post, so let the insanity begin. I feed on it…


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